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About Us


Krishan Kapoor

Mr Krishan has over 15 years of experience in stock market. He started his journey in 2008 and worked with stock brokerage firms like BLB Limited & SMC Global. Later he joined EXL as a financial analyst where was involved in financial modelling & company valuations. His last corporate stint was with a big family house where he was actively involved in wealth management of the promoter family. 

He then started with mentoring friends and family regarding making stock selections. After working in the finance industry and understanding its nuances, it caught his attention that there is a lack of knowledge among retail investors regarding making investment & trading decisions. This is how Spartan Reserch came into existence. 

CFA (Level 1) & Graduate in Finance (MSU University)

Our mentor

Manuj Singhal

Manuj Singhal is an engineer as well as an MBA graduate from Lal Bahadur Shashtri Institute of Management, Delhi and has been trained with one of the leading finance and accounting business process outsourcing company. His core area of specialization is business valuation for Merger & Acquisition, PPA allocation, Regulatory compliance, ESOP valuation, valuation of tangible assets etc. He has conducted numerous valuations under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and US GAAP including 409A Common Stock valuation, 142 Goodwill, 141 Purchase Price Allocation, 133 Derivative etc.

B.Tech, MBA, CFA (USA), Registered Valuer-S&FA (IBBI)


Our approach

Nearly all fundamental investors are averse to using technical analysis and vice-versa. We treat both forms of analysis as vital information streams. If we can use the fundamental information about a company's business and combine that with what is happening in the demand supply situation of the stock, then the results are superior to using either one approach exclusively. 

After filtering out companies fundamentally, we dig deep into technical and its chart structure by using price and volume analysis to  gauge demand and supply for appropriate entry and exit executions.

Then comes trading psychology, it is the emotional component of an investor's decision-making process which may help explain why some decisions appear more rational than others. It is characterized primarily as the influence of both greed and fear. Greed drives decisions that appear to be too risky.

We as professional remove the emotions before making buy/sell decisions hence improving our returns to generate ALPHA from the markets.